Carly Compton x Women's Week

Carly Compton x Women's Week

Carly Compton is a healthy lifestyle coach. She helps individuals develop a comprehensive healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, and self-love. She struggled for years with nutrition and internal perception of her body that turned to bulimia.

Today, she is fully recovered from her eating disorder. Now she says, "keep your chin up, love yourself relentlessly, and remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!".

Here's what she had to say!

Recovery for me wasn’t just about healing my relationship with food + exercise but healing my relationship with my body and coming to the realization that I am deserving of feeling confident and sexy! Developing this relationship with my body has been life changing. I no longer feel the need to hide my body or feel shame around my body but instead I am able to celebrate my body and be proud of what it has been through, survived, and continues to do for me every single day! You should not feel shame around sexiness, instead you should embrace that! You deserve to feel sexy, beautiful, and powerful no matter your size! What is it that makes you feel sexy?

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