The 3 “Must-Have” That Will Make Your Butt Look Good

The 3 “Must-Have” That Will Make Your Butt Look Good

The 3 “Must-Have” That Will Make Your Butt Look Good

Let’s be honest; choosing which panties to buy is not always that easy. We only want one thing: to be comfortable while looking cute! Unfortunately, few underwear brands and styles manage to play both roles…

Here are 3 different Bamboo undies style that have passed the test of comfort and sexiness.

Let's see!


We all need THE classic model with a simplistic design that we can wear every day, both under our favorite jeans and to relax at home. The semi-high waist of the Classic Bamboo thong which is naturally placed at the hips will never betray you in your movements and will remain in place, discreetly. Another plus: the elastane fibers mixed with those of bamboo viscose allow the thong to stretch and regain its shape. What could be more comfortable!


With the trend of "high waist" pants that highlight our butt and refine our waist, we can only extend this fashion to our panties! The "Minimalist Hipster" style offers all the advantages that one could wish to benefit our silhouette. This style will give your legs a few more inches (that's a YES!) and the high waist will highlight the thinnest part of your waist. We also opt for a slight coverage of the buttocks; we want to keep a little sexy side!


There is nothing more common than stealing your boyfriend's boxers to sleep or just to stay at home. Why do we love the boxer style so much? It's simple! They are made larger, allow us to move without discomfort and are more covering. However, this is not the model that most enhances our female figure. The feminine version of the "Boyfriend Boxer" gives us all that we are looking for thanks to its form-fitting cut which leaves the curve of our butt beyond and which also succeeds in giving us comfort thanks to the bamboo fabric which lets everything breathe! It’s the perfect item for our daily life that will give our lovers’s underwear a moment of respite (they will thank you later!).

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