Pair my Bamboo with my daily Outfit: How to do it?

Pair my Bamboo with my daily Outfit: How to do it?

Pair my Bamboo with my daily Outfit: How to do it?

Who said that our underwear should ABSOLUTELY be hidden under our clothes? In fact, our «underwear» can perfectly add a touch of originality and femininity to our everyday sets. It’s just a matter of daring a little and using creativity!

Knit and Bralette: A Perfect Match!

@Abbybaffoe has managed to create a look with a lot of character while being universal. The layering of a knit sweater over a sporty Bralette gives a super original look to the 80’s inspirations! The result? A unique top with a little "badass" side that will not make you go unnoticed. Totally to try! Little Tip: if you want a more sober style, opt for a Bralette color that will blend into your stitch top (black and grey will always remain less apparent!).

Never Enough Denim!

This @nikkynetz’s Summer Look is the perfect casual and stylish outfit to wear for a city stroll or a party with friends! The jeans jacket is in itself a timeless piece that has been able to go through the ages, but it sometimes requires the addition of a touch of refinement! By combining it with the Bralette, we integrate femininity and bite into the whole. PS: If you don’t want to reveal too much skin, adding extra high-waisted pants or shorts could be perfect!

Shirt & Bralette : Totally Complementary!

The shirt, whether in flannel like @cheyenne.forde’s or in cotton, fitted or «oversized», remains a classic in the wardrobe of all! As worn in times more frizzy than summer with jeans shorts, the shirt is totally all-purpose. You can easily harmonize it with a Bralette or a Bandeau bra to make it unique and stylish. Simply attach the few buttons in the middle or simply leave it open. Don’t be afraid to opt for an oversized shirt with a more masculine look to create a contrast!